• TravelLOG : PUlau Perhentian Day 1

       So I woke up at this kind of time after taking some nap beside lukie and other brothers because of the freaking cold air from the aircond of  Anam's Homestay.. The homestay kind of good.. I would give 3 out 5.. Alhamdulillah that Anam sponsored us with this homestay.
         Now people are sick with EURO.. Haha,, I think that I'm the only person that do not take about EURO... Football just not my favorite sports.. I don't even know any football player name other than the famous one like Roney, Torres etc..
         Our first day of the first trip made with our rx10 brothers starts with having dinner at Deli's house.. A handful of thanks I give too Deli's Family. The food they served as was sooooooooo good that I eat twice.. But maybe just because of the BUDU!!!!  Waaaahh.. really miss the smell and the taste of BUDU... Having 'Ikan temenung or ikan kembong goreng" really made my day... Alhamdulillah..
           I didn't came to Kuala Terengganu with the others but I took off 1st in the morning at 9AM then went to Jak's house to take him with us.. Then we went to Kerteh. Acap left some of his luggage at his sister's house, a Petronas engineer. Then off we go to Kuala Terengganu.. The road kind fill with lorries and trucks... So the travel kind of slow.. I couldn't go for 160km/h.... haha,, though Dad would really really really mad if I does.. Alhamdullillah we arrived at the Masjid terapung that doesn't really terapung... haha... exactly 1PM and we do our Jumaat prayer there..
           After the Jumaat prayer, we are waiting for Deli as he promise me to take me for a tour in Kuala Terengganu.. So the so called deli came late.. haha.. So took initiative to gamble our way through the pekan of KT.. Luckily we have Jak a so called tourist guide... hahaha.... So below are some picture I took... I'll edit it later.. Still don't have time as we are still travelling.. Insyaallah for tomorrow I'll update another post... Do pray for our safety .. Insyaallah we will see again next semester.. :)

                                                       ACAP insist... hahaha
                                     Nobody take a photographer picture.. so I took it by my self.. :(
     Tourist guide

     Acap said he 100 times handsome then Jak
     The so call Masjid Terapung

     Acap Cover Perut

     Photoshoot for RM3 clothes.. 
     We are not at KT we are at Beijing - Jak

     our real Tourist Guide

     All of them are pretty damn hungry...

     Thanks Deli!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope U like all the pict.. Now I really need to sleep.. or I'll drive and sleep... plss don't sleep and drive...  Salam....