• TravelLog: Pulau Perhentian Day 2

      So it is day 2... After staying a night at Anam's homestay we need to wait for Acap su's car to be repaired. We should have departed at 7AM but because of Acap su's car we set off around 10AM. Another bad news is that my beloved 1st wife (KCV9119) had been scratch by a car and it wounds badly.. Not so bad laaa... At least the bumper doesn't broke. Never thought that travelling with a lot of people would be this challenging.. With all kind of problem that came.. Alhamdulilah we arrived around 12.30PM although Zaki almost get lost from the konvoi.. Before we set off to Perhentian, there was a problem with parking.. Suddenly the "ulat parking" asking to park our cars. But Deli manage solve this problem and we set off around 2PM.It took us 1 hour to arrived at our homestay in Pulau Kecik.. The homestay kind of good, with all the accomidities provided worth the RM300 we spend..
        The 1st event was going to Pulau Besar... We go there just for swimming... Although, some of our friends injured. Ayie injured his ankle due to jumping from the big rock. Deli hurt his feet wounded by the coral.. Aleng also wounded his feet after handsomely swimming around.. Day 2 end with everyone tired and watching EURO.. >.<" I don't watch EURO.. haha..

    Here some of picture to clean your eyes

     my beloved KCV wounded..
     waiting for mechanic
     Ni la tuan keta yg rosak tu
     Besut joooom
     Me Jak.. Me so handsome
     Abang senyuman manis
     Fahmi buat cute.. >.<"
     Dok tunggu settle parking
     Dah nak p dah oi..
     Pokcik x suko amik gambar la dik
     hadi awesome....

     Zul yg suruh boh gambar dia dalam blog

     Anak Pulau

     Semangat Gile Diorang ni

     Ekspidisi mencari duyung yang hilang