• Have U ever heard of SARCASM??

    So after watching 4 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, I've heard the word sarcasm a lot in the drama.. So suddenly, I was thinking. What is sarcasm anyway..

    In my opinion sarcasm is kind of act or speech that is used to mock people. Not only mock them it still can be considered as making fun of them.. Hmm isn't that the same.. naaah.. I don't even bother..

    Example of sarcasm....
    Suddenly your friend smell terrible,  then u should not say it directly.. You should... " nice perfume u wearing today dude.. Smell nice.."(with a smile with no honesty) .. He maybe not notice about it.. But others do.. =)

    For more info about SARCASM, u can click HERE

    So keep sarcasming people.. =) remember don't hurt their feeling.. ENJOY!!!