• Interkulliyah

    Wah... the day finally come.. A day that almost the same as HKSBP and SMAC. A day where every sportsman would have adrenaline rush inside their body.. Also for some adrenaline junkie.. .. That day is IKG.. I'll be playing basketball as usual and not for MEDCY, but for Pharmacy. Our Team Consist of :-

                                                            Syafiq Bubble
                                                                 ENCIK AHMAD
                                                              SYED PUTIH!!!!

    Zubair Tua!!!

                                                              JAMAL TOUGH
                                                           This is our Jersey

                                                              As usual... No 4... :D... U'll always be mine...

    Our jersey kinda cool right??? Hope UIA's sister would fall for us if we where this.. ahahhahahaha

     There would be no target in this tournament.. We are gonna play it for fun... And preparing for the bigger event.. That is the NPSC... Where there will be Chinese player in their basketball team... That would be a very hard opponent to handle. As a Chinese, it is their main sports. So they would have a very strong basic in basketball and that is the important criteria for a basketball player.  I just can't wait to be in the match... Although I need to skip Bahasa Melayu class.. Sorry Cikgu Saliza.... Basketball is more important... :)

    Another things sure is that I want to snap as many sport photos as possible... Then put it on flickr or twitter.. It is to improve my photography skills...