• 21 years Old and Still Playing

          Today is my freaking birthday... woohooooo... I'm officially 21 and still 18 inside. First of all, I would like to thank Puan Makhtom Binti Ismail that carried me during her pregnancy. Thank you mom. To my dad, that taught me the meaning of life, I hope that you will always be healthy. I'll always pray for both of you.. InsyaAllah.

            People would say "Now you are 21, you should act like one..".. This kind of thought would always be in the mind of our people. It is not that I'm disagree with that statement, it is just that sometime being matured a.k.a 21++++ doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your self being childish or what so ever. But it is about how we handle our life. Is it in the righteous path??

          So I was thinking, I've been playing a lot this last 20 years of living except the the years during my childhood.. Obviously we played a lot during that time... If a child doesn't play during that time, maybe he got autism.. hoho. It is time for me to move on. Being a more discipline person. Being a muslim. Being a mukmin.
          It is time for me to reconstruct my way of living.

    Before I start my new way of life, I'm asking for apologies from all my colleagues, doesn't matter brother or sister. If I have done something wrong, hurt your feelings, 'bahan' anyone or given wrong perspective about myself, I'm really really sorry.. Hope all of you forgive me...

    With Bismillah, I'll start leaving in a proper manner. InsyaAllah...