• How a flashbang grenade works??

    If a soldier breaching a specific room that fill with some criminal in it, they will throw a flashbang or stun grenade in to the room.. This action is to immobilize the criminal for about 5-10 sec and allowing the soldier or SWAT team to take an action on them... But how does it works??

    Flashbang HISTORY
    The first devices were created in the 1960 at the order of the British Special Air Service.

    How does it immobilize the criminal??
    When they pull the flashbang trigger and throw it, the flashbang will explode producing a very bright light and loud sound. This  light trigger all the light sensitive cell in the eye, making vision become impossible for 5 second until the eye return to normal state and unstimulated. While the loud bang, disturb the fluid in the ear causing the criminal to be dizzy and unstable.

    What is the chemical in the FLASHBANG??
    The filler contain pyrotechnic metal-oxidant mixture such as magnesium or aluminium and oxidizer such as a ammonium perchlorate or potassium perchlorate.

    Does injured a person??
    The container does not spread into pieces but it remain contact.. This is to avoid injury if use for crowd control.. The flash spread through the hole of the grenade.. Still it burns the skin if it bang close enough..

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