• How does a silencer works???

    Do you play shooting games??? Games like modern warfare, black ops and crysis.. Then, a silencer is a common item for you.. A silencer is used to lower down the sound of the gun shoot.. How does it works?? That is the questions..

    The concept of the silencer is related to the gas pressure and volume... We know that the front of a gun is small.. This create a high pressure for the hot gas in the gun... Where this hot gas come from?? This gas are from the ignition reaction of the bullet.. It is like you pull a cock of a bottle.. Where pop sound is produced.. The air rushes out of a gun is in high speed.. so the sound is loud...

    With the usage of silencer, it create a larger space for the hot gas to rush out... This extra space will reduce the pressure of the gas, thus reducing the sound of the gun.. However the sound of the traveling bullet cannot be reduce..

    1st Silencer patented
    The 1st silencer was patented in 1910 by the American inventor Hiram P. Maxim..