• Why does chili give our tounge a burning sensation??

    Have you ever thought about this??? Within the everyday menu of Malaysian, they will have "sambal belacan" that taste so damn good.. Have you ever thought  why the "sambal" give a burning sensation in our mouth??

    The answer is simple.. Capsaicin!!! Capsaicin is a type of chemical component in chilies.. So every chilies have their own amount of Capsaicin in it.. So different chilies different kind of burning sensation.
    Capsaicin produces a sensation of burning in any tissues that it made contact with.. SO!!!we Malaysian would say that it taste "pedas".. We are wrong.. It is not responded by our taste bud. But the Capsaicin give stimulus to our brain and tell it that we are eating something hot.. This capsaicin are commonly found in the seeds of the chilies and the "ribs" of the chilies.

    Some people will say that drinking water will help the burning sensation go away.. But it is wrong it is like you washing a grease with water. Capsaicin is not soluble in water.. so the only solution is fat..
    You should try drinking milk, yogurt and other protein product to remove the burning sensation..

    Do they measure chilies hotness???

    The answer is yes. In 1912, Wilbur L. Scoville developed a test that used a human testing panel and develop the Scoville unit..

    The hottest chilies ever live!!
    The hottest chilies goes to Naga Viper chili peppers.. It has 1,382,118 of scoville unit.. It got into the Guinness World Records for the hottest chilies..
                                                 The Naga VIPER Chili.. I dare you to try it!!!

    That is all for today blogging!!! ChioW!!!!