• Pharmaceutical Studies

    After 3 weeks living in IIUM, I've realised that pharmaceutical studies is a very tough degree to beat.. Winning with high GPA is impossible, I've rather get only passable GPA for this degree. It became more impossible when I've heard some of the 2nd year and 3rd year had failed and repeated some of the degree's paper.. Especially physical pharmacy. I myself think that physical pharmacy is a hard subject to tackle.. Some of the problem is the dialect of the lecturer. My lecturer is Indonesian, so his english pronouncation kinda weird.. It is not that I'm insulting him. It is just my own opinion about him... So nothing personal... After the problem with lecturer, it comes to the problem of new term and theory.. Argh!! How could my 'ayahngah' pass through all this thing...

    For those who wanted to try your luck in pharmaceutical studies, you should ready mentally and physically. With all the girl student actively asking nonsense in class will make you think that you are left behind.. So just relax and mind your ownself. Just continue how you study and never follow other students method unless it can fit your mind..