• A new end...

    Done removing all the distraction in my mind... Now for the next sem and so on, I'll start to fill all the needed knowledge that can can make me 'kebal'. Kebal in term of aqidah, akhlak and ibadah. Nowadays, people started to divert their believe. Some had murtad, gay, lesbian and other social problem. We cannot just stand here doing nothing, improvement need to be made. This improvement are specifically to avoid all this social ill. Zikir is not enough without fikir. So remember guys, we need to implement the fikir in the zikir. Someone that follow a person zikir wihout fikir is like a blind man lost his stick or dog. He can't go anywhere. So remember to fikir before zikir..

    My target is that during my last year, I've gain all the knowledge needed... And I'll complete the other half of my ad'din after 2 years of working.. I'll do it properly.. :)