• Wahhh 2000 page view already

    Never thought it could go this far.... :D
    LUCKY me... Next target is 5000....

    Special for this 2000 page view let discuss about how do they make crayon.... I'm not gonna talk but I just wanna show you some video of how do they make crayon..

    A video from SESAME STreet

    From How Stuff Works

    From MJ how its made

    Crayon looks like it is tasty, but it is not... So remember kids, don't eat your crayon...

         It seem like they have their own flavor, pink for strawberry, purple for yam, orange for orange :), green for apple... Argh I wanna eat them....
                                                        Doesn't they look delicious?????YUMMY

    Hope All of u can get some knowledge from this post..... Life isn't easy but remember Allah always with us.... Ameen..